About Us

GYODER was established in 1999 by the then-representatives of real estate investment trusts (REITs) in Turkey.

Faktoring Nedir?
As “Turkey's Real Estate Platform”, gathering all sub-segments of the sector under the same roof, GYODER changed its name as the Real Estate Investors Association at the 21st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held on June 22, 2021, believing that GYODER's all-embracing approach should be expanded and its identity should adopt a more contemporary structure.
This journey continues and will continue in the future to strengthen the perception of the real estate sector, support its development, and to introduce standards regarding quality, control and training for the sector.


To carry the sector into the future with our expertise, experience and knowhow as the umbrella organization of the real estate sector,
To bring together the real estate sector under the same roof and take steps in all areas for the growth of the sector as a whole with technology and design,
To be the door of the Turkish real estate sector opening to abroad and to represent Turkey in international platforms
To set standards on all sub-disciplines involved in the sector,
To suitably direct the public authority by playing an active role in the adoption of relevant legislation and regulations in order to generate solutions for the development of the real estate sector,
To contribute to the accomplishment of an ethical, reliable and transparent structure by speeding up the institutionalization of the sector,
To create cooperative environment with domestic and foreign private and public institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, stock markets, professional organizations, foundations, associations and unions,
To increase communication and information exchange between the stakeholders of the sector and our members,
To create the up-to-date and healthy information systems and data repository needed by the sector and to make them available to all sector stakeholders,
To contribute to the formation of modern and contemporary urbanism elements compatible with technology, design and nature in the urbanization process,
To raise awareness on the intersection points of real estate and technology, and to increase cooperation and investments in the sector with the new ecosystem built.


Our mission, as "Turkey's Real Estate Platform", is to bring the real estate sector closer with technology, design and nature, and to create value for all sub-segments by contributing to the development of the sector.


Our vision is to carry the sector into the future with our expertise, experience and knowhow as the umbrella organization that leads the real estate sector as an opinion leader.

Message From the Chairman


I am very proud and happy to have taken over the Presidency of GYODER, the sector's largest civil / non-governmental organisation, which brings together all stakeholders of the real estate sector in Turkey, as we enter the 2nd century of our Republic. In this process, I would like to express that we continue our work without interruption with the determination to move our Association further and create a reference point in the global arena.

The real estate industry, which provides employment for approximately 2 million people and supports more than 250 sub-sectors, has played a significant role in Turkey's modernization process and has become one of the locomotive sectors of the economy. However, in the new world, climate crises, disasters, migrations, famines, pandemics, rapid urbanization, and global economic imbalances are forcing us to be more innovative and agile. In addition, in the global real estate sector, it is necessary to adapt to economic, technological, and social dynamics that are changing faster than ever. As industry players, we have been working diligently for a long time to develop solution-oriented approaches to the global challenges facing the real estate sector worldwide.
We have initiated the seeds of many projects, strongly supported by our members, and have begun to implement these projects successfully in a very short time. During this period, we have not deviated from our agenda, which focuses on fundamental goals and principles such as innovation, corporate governance, and transparency. As the GYODER board, we take on the responsibility of leading the development of our sector in the axes of digitization and sustainability. We look at not only the current problems but also the needs of future generations from a broad perspective within the framework of the 4T Vision, named after the principles of Technology-Design-Nature-Society.
With this understanding, we continue to identify the issues needed for the development of the sector, keep the knowledge of current employees fresh in these matters, and manage our efforts to train young people in line with new generation topics in our academic collaborations with universities in parallel with the dynamism of the age.
Our goal, as always, with the responsibility and awareness of being the real estate platform of Turkey, is to make Turkey's real estate sector more competitive at the national and international levels, support the sustainable growth of the sector, and protect the interests of our members and ultimately our country in the best possible way.
Your contributions, dear members, are of great importance on this exciting journey. With the spirit of cooperation and solidarity we possess, we are eager to move our sector forward with you. I am confident that we will continue to work in collaboration with the public sector, private sector, civil society organizations, and academia in a working framework based on division of labor, and that we will continue to be both the inspiration and guide for the sector in this period.
Best regards, 
Neşecan ÇEKİCİ
Chairman of GYODER